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SOAP summer party! [Jun. 8th, 2008|10:48 am]
Ottawa Anime Community

Just redirect yourself to my personal photoblog post on the subject:
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June 7th Updates And Final Information [May. 28th, 2008|09:10 pm]
Ottawa Anime Community

This is to point out that on June 7th from 3pm onward we will be having another SOAP party as we did to celebrate our birthday. With no convention in Ottawa this year, we’d better be having other events for fun, right?

June 7th, Carleton University, Tory Building. $5 to enter and registration will be at room 214 on the second floor of the Tory Building Video gaming will be in room 213 again, flea market in room 215, Rock Band contest, Improv and the Dating game should be in room 216 and our anime will be in room 360.

Basically this will be a repeat of our birthday party with some new additions.

1) We will be officially hosting an improve event instead of it just magically manifesting itself.

2) Otaku Dating Game will also be held to pair off our attendees for everyone else’s entertainment.

3) The flea market/dealers/artist alley room will be returning where anyone is welcome to come to sell their art creations, used anime, manga, games (and even game systems if you want!) and merch, as well as Comic Book Shoppe will be present for selling new things. Weather you bought it yourself and want to resell it or if you made it yourself, anyone can come up and sell it off to other people. The space is mostly first come, first serve, but we hope to have enough room for anyone who shows up and if we run short, we’ll do what we can to make accommodations for them.

4) Hall cosplay! For you cosplayers that show up a few lucky people will find themselves rewarded for the quality of their cosplay!

5) Video gaming will be back, including prizes for those who earn high scores that have been provided by the wonderful people at Comic Book Shoppe.

6) A Rock Band contest will be held as well. You may sign up your teams of three band members and you’ll be rocking it out for points against other players in a single elimination for a prize of $30 in EB Game/Game Stop gift certificates for each person in your band!

7) Anime of course, an arrangement of anime movies, series and OVAs that are yet to be announced. However we will be showing “Evangelion: 1.0 You Are (Not) Alone” the first film of the Evangelion Rebuild series!

Now, this is the one important thing I must tell you. All of the fast food services on campus are closed during the summer so the UniCenter food court and Oasis on campus will be closed. We will have drinks for sale, there are vending machines and off in the Residence Commons building on the floor just above the Oasis is a convenience store. But you may wish to bring your own food. We will be doing a large take out order from Gabriel Pizza however. Essentially you will be given a menu, you an order what you want and we’ll take your money and then we’ll make a mass order and hand out everything once it is delivered. If you aren’t interested in this however, you should bring your own meals. We apologize for the inconvenience but there’s little we can do with most of the food services closed for the summer.
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SOAP's Next Party! Saturday, June 7th! [Apr. 2nd, 2008|11:13 pm]
Ottawa Anime Community

SOAP is throwing another party at Carleton University and everyone's invited!

Saturday, June 7th, 2008, starting at 3pm and going until 10pm, we can be found in 214 Tory and the surrounding rooms.

Some details on what will be happening:

Anime: 360 Tory will once again function as our 200 seat anime theatre (schedule TBA).

Video Games: Arcade style fun, with prizes being award for high scores and tournament winners. Some of the games available include Area 51, Point Blank, Time Crisis, Soul Calibur, Dance Dance Revolution, Dead Or Alive, Guilty Gear, and even a few older emulated classics.

Rock Band: Battle Of The Bands! Full details to be announced later, but here’s the idea: Three-bands 'bands' will complete against each other in a points based tourney. Registration is at the party, but closes fairly early to allow for organization. You have more than two months now to put together your band and practice. Grand prize to be announced at a later date!

Anime Improv: Improvised last time, official this round! After the success of the Improv room at the last party, we’ve brought it back as a feature event.

Artists: We're bringing the love to Ottawa's art community again and they are free to bring in their works to sell right along side everyone else. Spaces are limited and provided on a first come, first serve basis.

Anime Flea Market: Everyone had fun last time selling their used anime goods and buying them as well. Everyone can feel free to bring in and sell their used anime, manga, merchandise, video games and systems, or anything else related to the anime fandom*. Spaces are limited and provided on a first come first serve basis. Limit one table per person.
* Items must be used/second-hand, anime related, and of legal origin. This means you cannot sell new items, food, or such things as fansubs, scanlations, DVD-rips, Hong Kong/Chinese bootlegs, etc.
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